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Most Recent:




Joss Lotuses to Grandma, a USC Animation MFA Student Film (MeiMei)

Bit Wars, an animated show by Nu Boom Studios (Ivy)

Tuttle Twins on YouTube (Ha-Joon)

Video Games:

Black Desert Online: Land of the Morning Light (Gumiho/Koo Mihyun)

The Foglands by Well Told Entertainment (Leona Lau)

Diablo IV by Blizzard Entertainment (Additional Voices)

Shattered Heaven by Leonardo Interactive (Lyra)

and lots more coming very soon, including AAA titles!


VIVE XR Elite (VR headset) by HTC (Mandarin VO)

"A Place Further than the Universe" Anime English Dub 
"Rookie Cops" English Dub on Disney+

Amazon Prime Day 2022 Ad (Singapore, Mandarin)

Grandfather Counts (Audiobook Narrator)


UC San Diego productions:

Helen in Trojan Women (directed by Charlie Oates)

Jenny in Mr Burns 

Class of 2021 BA Theatre Senior Showcase 


Other works:

Therapist in A Sorry Love Story, a Dauntlus Studios Film

Chifen in Soup, a USC MFA Student Film

Mrs. Chu (teacher) in a 360 VR video for SDSU's educational course

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