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BA in Theatre from UC San Diego. 

Born in Taiwan and raised in Singapore, Lauren's experiences come from multiple cultures which help her easily relate to and embody different characters. She currently speaks 3 languages and usually switches between her Singaporean and American accent. In her spare time, she loves to sing karaoke, dance, watch shows ranging from Korean dramas to Supernatural and play Valorant.

Height: 5'4

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Eyes Color: Dark Brown

About Me



Tom Keegan | Spark of the Self (Method & Meisner)

Nancy Wolfson | Commercial VO |

Donna Grillo | Animation

Victoria Atkin & Guests | Animation, Video Games | BookVOPCAP

Krizia Bajos, Scott Holst | Voiceover Camp

Tony Oliver | ADR | AiVA 

Wendee Lee | ADR | ACE Studio LA

Mary Lynn Wissner | Commercial VO

JP Karliak | Animation | Real Voice L.A.

Erin Fitzgerald | Animation & Video Games | ErinFitzCoaching

Michael Orenstein | Animation & Video Games | Real Voice L.A.


Joy Osmanski | Acting for the Camera | UC San Diego

Jennifer Chang | Senior Seminar in Acting | UC San Diego

Lisa Berger | Meisner Workshop | UC San Diego

Julia Fulton| Improv | UC San Diego

Natalie Robichaux| Acting II | UC San Diego

Carla Harting | Acting I | UC San Diego

Maria Mayenzet | Acting for the Camera | Saddleback College

Maria Mayenzet | Voiceover & Announcing | Saddleback College

Special Skills

Guitar, Piano, Swimming, Rollerblading, Drawing, Photo Editing, Video Editing, Basic Sound Engineering.

Accents: Singaporean, British, Chinese, Korean, Mid-Atlantic

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